Weekly Business Quiz # 8

1. From 4th of January ,  NSE and BSE will start trading from 9 AM. Why ?

Ans. To compete with Singapore where trading on india’s NIFTY was taking away volumes

2. Who said “Hollywood’s a place where they’ll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss, and fifty cents for your soul.”

Ans.  Marilyn Monroe

3. LAB 126 is the subsidiary of a well known dot com. It designs and markets a gadget , a rage in US. Name the company and the gadget.

Ans. Amazon, KINDLE ebook reader

4. Launched in Chennai 5 years ago.This 4 wheel mini truck has created a new category in which it now has a 90% share. Name it.


5. On decades. After seventies, eighties, nineties. What was the decade that went by ?


6. New year resolution often are about weight reduction.simple one to end the year. expand VLCC.


7. On newspaper tie ups. Business Standard-Financial times. Mint-WSJ .Financial chronicle- International Herald Tribune. From JAN ‘ 1 2010 Hindustan times+?

Ans.  Washington Post

8. Who claimed his company was doing “God’s work” ?

Ans. Lloyd C.Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs

9. After losing millions of investor’s ( incl many celebrities)  money, who said ” I am sorry. I know that does’nt help you.”

Ans. Bernhard L.Madoff. He was convicted for 150 years imprisonment.

10. What do economists mean by ZIRP ?

Ans. Zero Interest Rate Policy

11. What is oselatmivir phosphate better known as ?

Ans. Tamiflu ( the drug for swine Flu)

12. Name the IBM computer designed to compete against a human in the quiz show JEOPARDY ?

Ans. What is Watson ?

13. Which company valued at $ 1 billion states “We spend more than we make .”

Ans. Twitter

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