Weekly Business Quiz # 78

Q1 If you carry multiple cards, like credit debit PAN cards in your wallet why it is a good idea to have CPP. What is CPP?

 Ans. Card protection plan

Q2 Which Indian family has the biggest collection of Cartier watches as per the auction house Sotheby’s ?

Ans. Maharaja of Patiala

Q3 Sameer Nair is quitting as the head of Imagine TV. Which channel and programme brought him into limelight?

Ans. Star Plus KBC

 Q4. Name the former CVC and bureaucrat who is setting up innovation SEZs in Gujarat and AP.

Ans. N.Vittal

Q5  K.I.S.S is a management principle. This principle with a slight modification has become the tagline for which mobile operator ?

Ans. Tata DoCoMo

Q6. In a bizarre move which govt owned financial institution’s Chairman has been demoted to an MD by appointing a new chairman ?

Ans. LIC’s Vijayan

Q7. Name the exclusive cadre which was involved in the Osama Bin Laden hunt.

Ans. Navy SEAL (sea air and land)

 Q8. In which country were the roots of the mobike Jawa later known as Yezdi ?

Ans.  Czechoslovakia

Q9 .How do we better know a role with a job title Director of First impressions ?

Ans. Receptionist

– Compiled by G.Mohan  Twitter handle@go_mohan

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