Weekly Business Quiz # 565


Q1. Name this brand of ayurvedic tooth powder from Kerala that says it owes its success to Lord Krishna of Guruvayur. The management has been donating one 40g packet of their tooth powder for every 10kg sold as an offering to the temple every month since 1925.

Ans. KP Namboodiri Dantadhavanachoornam

Q2. How much amount did RBI transfer to Govt of India as a surplus for the 9 months July20 to March21 ?

Ans. Rs 99122 crore

Q3. In the year 2020-21, which fruit was No 1 exported fruit out of India ?

Ans. Grapes


Q4. Which major Hollywood studios is Amazon about to acquire ?

Ans. MGM

Q5. Statement by authorities from which country led to a 30% plunge in prices of most cryptocurrencies recently ?

Ans. China

Compiled by G.Mohan

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