Weekly Business Quiz # 535


Q 1. Ola Foods has launched a variant of a traditional Indian dish with 20 different fillings. Name it

Ans. Parathas

Q 2. Which old Hindi film is this advt referring to and what is its relevance now ?

Ans. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

Q 3. ___ ____- The Man Beyond the Billions, by Sundeep Khanna and Varun Sood is a biography of which Indian businessman ?

Ans. Azim Premji


Q 4. Ant Group a Financial Technology firm will be doing the world’s largest IPO and will get listed in Hong Kong and Shanghai Stock Exchange. Which group is the promoter of Ant Group ?

Q 5. A web streaming service for short videos was started by Jeffrey Katzenberg with backing on many Hollywood studios and massive funding early this year. It has decided to wind up. Name it

Ans. Quibi

Q6. Which company has bagged a NASA contract to build 4G telecom network on the Moon ?

Ans. Nokia

Q7. In what business is DP World one of the sponsors of Royal Challengers bangalore , IPL Team ?

Ans. Logistics. DP stands for Dubai Ports

Compiled by G.Mohan 

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