Weekly Business Quiz # 405

Q 1. Which electronics brand is developed and produced at Mukherjee Innovation Centre ?

Ans. Sonodyne

Q 2. Which company owns and markets this heritage brand now ?


Ans. Jyothy laboratories

Q 3. For being involved in which scam has SEBI banned PwC to be auditors for any listed company for the next 2 years ?

Ans. Satyam computers Ltd

Q4. In India, govt has liberalised the FDI policy on retail with the hope that it will create jobs. In US, which sector has replaced retail as the no 1 employer in terms of number of employees ?

Ans. Healthcare

Q5. The Jeju-Seoul is the busiest domestic route in the world. Between which two cities in India is the 3rd busiest route in the world ?

Ans. Mumbai-Delhi

Q6. Which iconic liquor brand that became a cult brand largely without any advertising was created by Brig Kapil Mohan who passed away recently ?

Ans. Old Monk


Q 7. As the male grooming market explodes, L’oreal has launched a male grooming brand House 99 with products like beard oil, shaving kit, tattoo care. Which sports celebrity will be endorsing it ?

House 99

Ans. David Beckham

Q8. Which 2 senior execs have been promoted to the rank of Vice Chairman at Berkshire Hathway making them potential successors to Warren Buffett ?

Ans. Greg Abel and Ajit Jain

Q9. A compny announced recently “A photocentric cryptocurrency to empower photographers and agencies to take greater control in image rights management”. Name the coin and the company behind it.

Ans. Kodak

Q 10. Facebook had developed a virtual assistant to rival the likes of Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. It is discontinuing it now. What was it called ?

Ans. M

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