Weekly Business Quiz # 329

Q 1. Identify this banker-turned-entrepreneur who now is making waves in the renewable energy industry. 


Ans. Sumant Sinha of ReNew Power, son of Yashwant Sinha and brother of Jayant Sinha , MoS for Finance

Q2. Vodafone created a Guinness record when it launched their Supernet 4G service in UP East circle. What was the record ?


Ans. Vodafone created the largest disposable cup mosaic of 467 sqm

Q3. Inside the campus of which company would you find buildings named after Greek Gods such as Zeus, Medusa, Rhea, Magnolia, Athena etc ?

Ans. Apple

Q4. Which brand started life in Karachi before partition and later moved to Ahmedabad where the owner Satish Chona first sold icecream in a cart outside the railway station

Ans. Havmor

Q5. Which online food site has created a category called Panama Peppers, which lists restaurants for the very rich ?

Ans. Zomato

Q6. Why is April 7 celebrated in US as the NationalBeerDay‬ ?

Ans. To mark the first day back in 1933 that people could legally buy, sell, and drink beer after a 13 year prohibition.

Q7. Amazon’s boss Jeff Bezos has the same salary since 1998. How much is it ?

Ans. US $ 81,840

Q8. If Apple : Siri, Microsoft : Cortana , Amazon : _____ ?

Ans. Alexa

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