Weekly Business Quiz # 301

Q 1. Google will soon be launching grocery delivery business in 2 US cities. By what name will this service be launched ?

Ans. Google Express

Q2. Steve Jobs was the son of migrants from which country ? It is relevant today

Ans. Syria

Q3. Which Indian co has launched a new subsidiary called Wayfarers Brands ?

Ans. Bata India Ltd

Q4. Rank the elite US universities in the order of the one founded earliest to the one latest a) Princeton b) Yale c) Harvard d) Stanford

Ans. Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford

Q5. Ford Edsel is one of the most talked about product launch failures in the auto industry. Why was the product named Edsel ?

Ans. Edsel Ford, son of Ford family

Q6 RBI is worried about the rising instances of FICN. What is FICN ?

Ans. Fake Indian Currency Notes

Q7. What is the new name for Bayer Material Science ?

Ans. Covestro

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


  1. Please correct Question 3. Bata has launched Wayafinders and not Wayfarers. Wayfarers is a Raybans Brand.

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