Weekly Business Quiz # 276

Q 1. Adlabs had an IPO which bombed badly. For which project they were raising the money ?

Ans. Imagica

Q2.What is common to the airlines Ansett Air Australia, TWA, PanAm and Swissair ?

Ans.All are no longer flying

Q3. On 14th March the first dot com was registered 30 years ago . It exists even today. Name it.

Ans. Symbolics

Q4.What modern implement is being banned by tourist attractions like Versailles Palace near Paris and National Gallery in London ?

ans. Selfie sticks

Q5. Which media co has acquired Screen from Indian express group ?

Ans. Star TV

Q6. Which Indian corporate is the biggest donor for the Mahatma Gandhi statue unveiled in London recently by FM ?

Ans. Infosys

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

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