Weekly Business Quiz # 273

Q 1. Which Indian owned company is behind the visual effects of Interstellar that won an Oscar for its visual effects ?
Ans. Double Negative, part of the Prime Focus group owned by Namit Malhotra
Q2. Which telecom company is running the campaign featuring a kid saying ‘ Sorry, God, No Wi-fi, No Go ‘ ?
Ans. MTS
Q3.Which location is promoting the destination ‘Ilha de Calma’ ?
Ans. Diu
Q4.Which Telugu film star is behind the regional airline Turbo Megha ?
Ans. Ram Charan Teja
Q5.What was the price at which PM Modi’s now infamous embroidered suit finally sell during an auction at Surat ?
modi suit
Ans. Rs 4.31 crore
– compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

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