Weekly Business Quiz # 262

Q1. Which car will James Bond be driving in the upcoming Bond film Spectre ?

Ans. Alfa Romeo

Q2. Why did Real Madrid decide to remove the Cross from its logo recently ?

Ans. Because of tie-up with National bank of Abu Dhabi

Q3. Who markets and owns the old antiseptic brand for burns Burnol in India ?

Ans. Morepen Laboratories

Q4. From where did India launch its Communications satellite GSAT-16 ?

real madrid

Ans. French Guiana

Q5. Himalaya created a Guinness record recently. What was the record ?

Ans. Mass facials simultaneously at Narsee Munjee College, Mumbai

Q6. Which video broke the YouTube counter that it had to upgrade from a 32-bit counter to a 64-bit counter ?

Ans. Gangnam style by PSY when it crossed over 2 billion hits

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter go_mohan

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