Weekly Business Quiz # 244

Q 1. In which product category is Gurkha Black Dragon the most expensive brand selling for $ 1,150 a piece ?
Ans. Cigar

Q 2. FM Arun Jaitley announced the formation of a new company 3PIndia in the budget. What does 3P stand for ?

Ans. Public Private Partnership

Q 3. In which country has the public sector co ICVL acquired coal mines from Rio Tinto ?
Ans. Mozambique

Q 4. Nomophobia is addiction for what ?
Ans. Fear of being out of mobile phone contact

Q 5. Identify this management thinker/ author who is considered to be the pioneer in the study of Leadership. He taught at many universities including IIM C. He passed away recently. RIP.


Ans. Warren Bennis

Q 6. Name this lady who has taken over as the first ever woman DG of Doordarshan recently



Ans. Vijaylaxmi Chhabra

-Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan.

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