Weekly Business Quiz # 22

Q1. Before selling its majority stake to a foreign bank with which bank were the GMR group associated ?

Ans. Vysya bank now ING Vysya

Q 2. Oberoi group has launched a bottled water brand. Name it. Clue – Red fort got a french twist.

Ans. L’quila

 Q3. Shahrukh Khan is onboard this airline as a director. Name the airline.

Ans. Jet airways

Q4. United Spirits claims to have become the no. 2 spirits co. in the world. Who have they dislodged?

Ans. Pernod Ricard. Diageo is no 1

Q5. Over several IPL venues one can see a balloon like thing floating with MRF written in bold letters. What is it called?

Ans. Blimp

 Q6. This summer most AC mfrs are highlighting their star ratings, 5 star being the most power saving. Who awards these ?

Ans. Bureau of energy efficiency

Q7. Pepsi has announced an alliance with Tata Tea for beverages. Which Tata co. was JV partner of Pepsi when they entered India ?

Ans. Voltas

Q8. Which agency is conducting the 3G auctions on behalf of the govt of India ?

Ans. Rothschild along with Dotecon

Q9. Popular FMCG brands like Bournvita put TV infomercials thru Buchanan group at a big discount. Under what name they advertise ?

Ans. Brand power

Q10. In the ’90s Chidambaram had resigned & was accepted by the PM PV Narasimha Rao. Why did he resign then?

Ans. PC had invested in the scam tainted FAIRGROWTH

Q 11. SKS microfinance will be the first MFI to go for an IPO. What does SKS stand for ?

Ans. Swayam Krushi Sangam. It started life as a non-profit


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