Weekly Business Quiz #20

Q1. Connect Cement brands and IPL teams….CSK -India cements , RR- Ultratech, KXP-______?

Ans. ACC

Q2. In New York, a bill is being moved which prohibits the use of an important ingredient for health reasons in any preparation by a restaurant. What ingredient ?

Ans. Salt. Restaurants are allowed to keep it on the table.

Q3. Name this NGO which channelizes unutilized material in urban households to poor rural households. Starting with 67 clothes a few years ago, it does 50Tonnes every month with 300 volunteers.


Q4. Name the only Indian player who is present in mobile phone handsets as well as mobile services.

Ans. Videocon. It launched its services in Chennai recently.

Q5. Under which brand has COCA COLA co launched its Nimbupani in India this summer ?

Ans. Minutemaid

Q 6. Bhut Jolokia has entered Guinness Records for having over 1 mn Scoville units of a property. What ?

Ans. It is the world’s spiciest chilli. Scoville is the unit for spiciness

Q7. Name this brand which is supposed to ‘magnify the indomitable spirit of the new Indian woman ?

Ans. ‘ i-pill the emergency contra pill. Piramal bought it from Cipla recently.

Q8. Why are US small cities vying for GOOGLE’S attention ?

Ans. Google has promised to build a ultra high speed network at no charge in one or more US cities

Q9. Name the character of the eccentric chocolate maker from the Roald Dahl children classic ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’ .

Ans. Willie Wonka. A popular flavour at Creamstone in Hyderabad.

– G.Mohan

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