Weekly Business Quiz # 183

Q 1. N.Srinivasan is passionate about 2Cs according to a close associate. One of them is cricket. What is the other C ?

Ans. Cement

Q2. In Britannia, one VB has replaced another VB at the top. Name the two VBs ?

Ans. Varun Berry replaces Vinita Bali

Q3. Edison went to great lengths to prove his competitor’s technology was risky by electrocuting elephants etc. Name the technology and competitor.

Ans. AC and Nikola Tesla

Q4. India’s second largest vault after RBI is a 40,000 sqft facility that processes 5 million currency notes daily. Who owns it ?

Ans. SIS Prosegur

Q5. The book ” Wild Company: The Untold Story of ___ ___” . Fill in the blanks with a global apparel brand.

Ans. Banana Republic

Q6. The Saudi govt is implementing the Nitaqat system , which is affecting a large number of migrant workers. What does Nitaqat mean in Arabic ?

Ans. Ranges.

Q7. In the 19th century natural ice was brought from US to India in ships. This was pioneered by a trader known as Boston Ice King. Name him.

Ans. Frederic Tudor

Q8. With which film production house would you associate, Gurunath Meiyappan, the man now under investigation in spot fixing scam ?

Ans. AVM Productions

Q9. Which is the only private enterprise premises visited by Chinese Premier Li during his India visit ?

Ans. TCS in Mumbai

Q10. Why has the change in govt at Pakistan led to a sharp fall in demand for socks ?

Ans. Nawaz Sharif has ordered that no air conditioning will run in govt offices because of power shortage. He has ordered that no govt staff will wear socks ( perhaps it will smell !)

Q 11. What innovation is credited to American trucking magnate Malcolm Maclean in 1956 ?

Ans. Containersiation

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan

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