Weekly Business Quiz # 175

Q 1. What was the April Fool prank played by Google on All Fools day ?

Ans. Google Nose

Q 2. Novartis has lost a landmark patent case on an anti-cancer drug in the Indian Supreme Court. What is the popular name of the drug ?

Ans. Glivec

Q 3. Who has taken over as the Chairman and CEO of Dr Reddy’s Labs after the death of the founder ? How was he related to the founder ?

Ans. G.V.Prasad, son-in-law of Dr Anji Reddy

Q4. What is the ‘My Stamp’ scheme launched by India Posts ?

Ans. Anybody can get a real postage stamp made for a fee

Q5. What is the key difference between Google Play movie and YouTube rentals launched in India recently ?

Ans. Androuid Play will work only on Android, Youtube in any platform

Q 6.Who or what type of people are ‘datasexuals’ ?

Ans. Those people who are constantly making measurements about themselves and sharing with others

Q 7.Who will be the brand ambassador for the newly launched Indian online store for adult items http://imbesharam.com  ?

Ans. sunny Leone

Q8.Amazon has recently acquired the social network Goodreads for nearly 1 bn $. What is the most common metric used to value networks ?

Ans. No of Users X Value per user

Q9. On what case has Tata Sons won a legal battle with Arno Palmer ?

Ans. Cybersquatting on the domain name tatainfotech.in

Q 10. In Geekspeak what is “dogfooding” ?

Abns. employees of a co using their own software products to demonstrate reliability as well test the product 

Q 11.Identify this electronics MNC, whose name in Japanese means ” leave luck to heaven”. It started life in 1889 as a playing cards co

Ans. Nintendo

Q 12. You may know draught beer. what is craft beer ?

Ans. Beer brewed using special ingredients by microbreweries in US.

    Q 13In pharma lingo, what is regenerative medicine ?

    Ans. Medicine that counters ageing process

    Q 14. HUL has decided to increase the share of digital marketing spend to 10 %. Who will be training HUL executives on digital marketing ?

    Ans. Google

    Q 15. Rhythm and Hues, an animation studio has filed for bankruptcy protection. For which recent hit film did they do special affects for ?

    Ans. Life of Pi

    Q 16.Which brand is running a campaign called “Soldier for Women” ?

    Ans. Gillette

    Q 17. Which video hosting site is owned by France Telecom 

    Ans. Daily Motion

    Q 18Which soap brand was concocted by William Lever in 1894 and sold it as a means to combat cholera ? No longer sold in UK but sold in India

    Ans. Lifebuoy

    Q19. Which MNC has sued Micromax for a large patent violation claiming damages of over Rs 100 crore ?

    Ans. Ericsson

    – Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan

    Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/IndiaBusinessQuiz

    How do we better know the company Amalgamated Coffee Bean Trading Co Ltd ?

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