Weekly Business Quiz # 139

Q1. Which town in Tamil Nadu is the hub for the borewell drilling industry supplying rigs all over India ?

Ans. Tiruchengode

Q2. Which travel agency has been stopped by supreme court to operate the Maharaja Express ?

Ans. Cox & Kings

Q3. Which malware is expected to create havoc tomorrow by changing DNS of the computers tomorrow ?

Ans.DNS Changer

Q4. Name the great indian businessman who will give a talk on knowledge of life Aspects tomorrow for his investors and workers.

Ans. Subroto Roy

Q5. LIBOR is polled between different London banks and published by BBA. Who or what is BBA ?

Ans.British Bankers association

Q6. On july 5 1946 what costume was designed by french automotive engineer Loius Reard and why did he call it so.

Ans.  Bikini, after Bikini Atoll where on July 1 a bomb explosion took place

Q7. In the context of HR what is ROTI ?

Ans. Return on Training Investment

Q8. CEOs take their golf more seriously than their business. Here is a golf question. How many dimples are there in a golf ball ?

Ans. 250 – 450 balls

Q9. Which was the worlds busiest airport in 2011 ?

Ans. Atlanta, USA

Q10. The town Waterloo 100km southwest of Toronto was recognised as the most intelligent community in.2007. Today it is on edge. Why ?

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle

Ans. RIM, the maker of Blackberry is in trouble

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


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