Weekly Business Quiz # 135

Name the BEML Chairman who has been suspended in the Tatra scam.
Ans. VRS Natarajan

In which brand of juice in a tetrapak was a dead snake found?
Ans. Maa juice from CavinKare
For which popular brand did kishore Kumar appear in an ad ?
Ans. Brylcreem

Which new gen film director still runs an ad film co called Freshwater films ? Ans. Dibakar Bannerjee

Which programme on ZEE TV claims to have higher TRP rating than even Satyameva Jayate ?
Ans. Lil Dids
What unique capabilities does the app Swiftkey have ? It has been released alongside Queen’s platinum jubilee celebrations.
Ans. Text like Queen Elizabeth
– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

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