Weekly Business Quiz # 126

Q 1. What is the new GAAR proposed in the budget making FIIs doing GRRR ?

Ans. General anti avoidance rules

Q2. Which model of Porsche was designed by Ferdinand A Porsche who died recently ?

Ans. Porsche 911

Q3. Which well known Indian recruitment firm is selling out to become Randstad India ?

Ans. Ma Foi

Q4. Name the co that has replaced NOKIA as the most valuable co in the Helsinki Stock exchange.

Ans. Fortum the energy co.

Q5. Who has won the Tv rights for screening all Indian cricket matches for the next six yrs from BCCI ?
Ans. Star TV
Q6. After Samsung Galaxy Note’s surprising success what is the category being called now ?
Ans. Phablet (phone + tablet)
Q 7. Who has launched India’s first- multi-asset multi-manager fund ?

Ans. ING


Q8. At what price has Facebook acquired the photo site Instagram?

Ans. 1 Bn $
Q9 . We know the BRICs. Which countries make up the MIST?
Ans. Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea and Turkey
Q 10. Who has acquired 800 odd patents of AOL for over 1 billion $ ?
Ans. Microsoft
– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

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