Weekly Business Quiz #10

1.What business connects Late Jyoti Basu and Lankan spinner Muralidharan ?

Ans. Biscuit mfg. Basu’s son Chandan and Murali’s family are in this.

2.”Marxist TITAN Basu is dead”. How did the brand TITAN come ?

Ans.Titan JV promoted by Tata Ind (TI) and Tamil Nadu (TAN) govt

3. Interesting coincidence. Current CMDs of two leading PSUs ONGC and NTPC have the same name. Initials and surname. What is it ?


4. After dropping Tiger Woods, ACCENTURE ads have a new model with copy ‘who says you cant be big and nimble?’ Who or what ?

Ans. An elephant. No elephant wil be caught in a sex scandal:-)

5.This beauty modelled for Charmis cream. As a Pan-Am air hostess in 1986 she fought the hijackers and died. Name her.

Ans.Neerja Bhanot

6. Marc Benioff a former Oracle exec has created the first billion dollar business based on cloud computing. Name it.

Ans. Salesforce.com

7. Which first gen entrepreneur’s autobiography is titled ‘ SIMPLY FLY’ ?
Ans. Capt. Gopinath of Air Deccan

8.Aliva, Hippo, Smart chips.Brands of chips launched recently.how are they different from other chips?

Ans. Baked and not fried. Hence healthier

9. As per which law is the value of a network proportional to the square of the number of users ?

Ans. Metcalfe’s law

10. Audi, Hitachi, Samsonite. Diff countries different businesses. What is common?

Ans. Born in 1910.All are celebrating their centenary this year

11.Grammies, Emmies and now Remmies. What are Remmies awarded for ?

Ans. Recruitment ads in the ASCENT, TOI.

12.What is the diff between REPO AND Reverse repo rates. ?

Ans. Repo is the rate at which banks borrow from RBI and reverse repo RBI from banks

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