Tack On Business Quiz 3.0


1. Answer: Kinder Joy
2. Answer: Raj Thackeray
3. Answer: Indrani Mukherjea
4. Answer: Moser Bear
5. Answer: Currency Notes
6. Answer: 3D Covers
7. Identify the blanked out brand. Answer: Co-Optex.
8. Answer: Rainwater
9. Answer: Champions Boat Leauge, Kerala
10. Nehru


  1. 2.Raj Thackeray 3.Anil Bhambhani 6.Interchangeable Covers 7. Madras 8.Rain Water 9.Boat League(Kerala Backwaters), Kerala 10.Nehru

  2. 2. Raj Thakrey
    3. Peter & Indrani Mukherjea
    4. Moser Bayer and Ratul Puri who was areested. His father Deepak Puri is the founder of Moser Bayer
    5. New currency notes post demonitisation
    7. Cooptex
    8. Rain water
    6. It comes with special effects as attraction.

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