IBQ November Interactive

This is an interactive version of the Questions and Answers posted in the month of November via Twitter handle of India Business Quiz @go_mohan

1. Innovating Out of Crisis is a book written by Shigetaka Komori.

This is a turnaround story of which well known company ?


2. Which company has won the contract for the second airport in Delhi which is to come up at Jewar in Greater NOIDA ?


3. Which insurance company has introduced a Video Life Certificate feature where the retail annuity customers can take their video and upload it before the due date instead of physically visiting a branch ?


4. If you have booked a train ticket via IRCTC, a statement is printed on the ticket “IR recovers only X % of cost of travel on an average “, a communication to the traveller that rail travel is being subsidised. What is X ?


5. What new product was announced by Elon Musk recently that has created a lot of excitement worldwide ?


6. Which tyre company has successfully developed a 5G connected cyber tyre that collects data on the road through sensors and can provide data to the cars coming behind ?


7. Who has acquired the full stake in the electric 2 wheelers company Ampere ?


8. Which company recently got the dubious honour of reporting the largest ever Quarterly loss of over Rs 50,000 crore ?



9. With Jet Airways no longer operational and the management control of Jet Privilege programme with Etihad, they have decided to change the name of this rewards scheme. What is its new name ?


10. Onion that is consumed in India is largely grown in Maharashtra. The export of this variety is banned. There is another variety, a rose onion that is pungent flavoured. This is not popular in India but exported. This is GI tagged also. In which state is this grown ?


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