IBQ March Interactive

Please find below a set of multiple choice questions that were posted in the Twitter handle @indiabusinessquiz during the month of March 2020. You can attempt and get your score at the end

1. Warren Buffett who stands for and professes simplicity recently shifted from an old Samsung flip phone to iPhone 11. What is his only use for a smart phone ?


2. Which listed company in the QSR business has opened a restaurant chain called ‘Biryanis of India’ with the first outlet in Delhi ?


3. The US government has increased the visa fees for EB-5 visa by 50000 $. What visa category is EB – 5 ?


4. The Chinese cyberspace watchdog has pulled out an app from the app Store in China because it allowed players to create a virus and spread it worldwide. Name it


5. After suffering five years of losses, Tata Motors is completely selling or shutting down its car retail division. What is the name of the retail chain ?


6. As per the current investment strategy, what % of the funds do the Employee Provident Fund is invested in equity ?


7. Who has been the best selling global music artist in 2019 ?


8. Which country has announced a package by which the govt will 75 % of the salaries in private sector for the 3 month period from 9th March to 9th June if the employer promises that no employee will be fired because of the Corona Virus disruptions ?


9. Yes Bank after a long wait have declared their Quarter3 2019-20 results. The results clearly show why RBI had to act fast to save the bank. What is the Gross NPA % ?


10. With which company has Kurkure tied up to have the products placed in their TV serials across general and regional channels ?


11. What is the index which measures the market perception of risk in the near term ? It hit a new high yesterday


12. Who is the market leader globally in the 100 B $ cloud infrastructure services market in 2019 ?


13. In which industry is the company Solar Industries promoted by Satyanarayan Nuwal a pioneer in ?


14. Bankers are asking govt to announce “the action of refraining from exercising a legal right, especially enforcing the payment of a debt ” this in times of economic distress What is the legal term for this ?


15. Which PSU has acquired the government’s stake in other power PSUs THDC and NEEPCO for Rs 11500 crore ?


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