IBQ January Interactive

Please find below the questions that were posted in December on the Twitter handle @go_mohan as multiple choice questions

1. On January 31, 2020 which Indian company had the largest number of employees, over 78,000, retiring on a single day ?


2. Which city has been voted by the Tom Tom Traffic Index to have the highest traffic congestion in the world ?


3. The govt has issued an Expression of Interest inviting bidders for sale of equity of govt’s share in Air India. What % of goverment stake is being put up for sale ?


4. Which MNC has acquired the homegrown C & S Electric Ltd ?


5. Which Indian apparel brand / chain has the tagline ‘Celebrate India’ ?


6. Which precious metal has seen steep price increase, 69 % in last 1 year and 20 % in the two weeks of 2020 ?


7. If one looks at the statistics for approved intake (seats) versus enrolment of AICTE approved institutes for PGDM from 2015-16 to 2018-2019 across India what trend is observed ?


8. Which Indian state is making good progress in garment exports by providing incentives like wage subsidies to employ locals ? The state now has 11 operating units employing over 10,000 workers ?


9. Adanis are in a deal streak…Advani’s Defence JV with an Israeli firm have bought a facility in Gwalior. What will be manufactured in that facility ?


10. As per a news item, 24 % of all ads on TV had celebrities during Jan-Nov 2019. Which celebrity has the max no of brand endorsements ?


11. With which IT company has HAL tied up to manufacture aircraft components using 3D printing technology ?


12. A company from New Zealand has delivered the highest returns globally in the last decade , among the companies in the MSCI Global Index. The stock has multiplied 161 times over these 10 years. In which industry is the company


13. Carlos Ghosn , the former chief of Nissan-Renault, under arrest in Japan, has escaped from Japan by hiding in a container meant for musical instruments . Where has he surfaced ?


14. The competition between Boeing and Airbus is stuff of management folklore..In 2019,.Airbus has beaten Boeing in terms of number of aircraft deliveries. In which year earlier, did Airbus have higher number of deliveries than Boeing ?


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