IBQ-Interactive September

These are interactive questions that appeared during the month of September 2020 through the Twitter handle @go_mohan

1. Perils of writing Indian names in English..A defence PSU has an IPO opening today. The first word in its name is the place where it has its docks. The spelling is so confusing that one article of Economic Times had three different spellings. Which is the correct spelling ?


2. On TV during IPL telecast which category of advertisers have the highest share of advertising time ?


3. Elon Musk has promised that Tesla will bring out an autonomous electric car in 3 years at a price point of $25,000. What is the current price of a Tesla Model 3 ?


4. Where has India’s first private jet terminal exclusive for private jets of ultra-rich individuals come up ?


5. Which car manufacturer in India was the fastest to notch up sales of 100, 000 cars ?


6. With demand for chocolates down due to the lockdowns which brand will have a 10 Rs pack from Mars Wrigleys to tap the lower price points ?


7. With Microsoft’s bid to acquire Tiktok being rejected , which is the only company in the race to acquire Tiktok in US before the 20th September deadline ?


8. What is the new brand identity of Vodafone Idea ?


9. Which group has taken control of the Mumbai airports business of GVK group ?


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