IBQ Interactive – May

These are interactive questions that appeared during the months of April and May 2020 through the Twitter handle @go_mohan

1. Which two tech giants , otherwise bitter rivals, are coming together to develop technologies to trace COVID 19 patients without intruding on their privacy ?


2. Which AMC decided to wind down 6 of its debt fund schemes on 23rd April 2020 due to high redemption pressure , among other problems ?


3. Which Google product has been given a makeover to compete with Zoom that has been the app of the pandemic, of sorts ?


4. Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholder meeting is held every year at Omaha and is a pilgrimage for the value investors who go to hear Warren Buffett Charlie Munger and others. What about this year ?


5. Which hotel chain in India has used the lockdown to provide 4500 rooms across India for Quarantine purposes ?


6. Artisans from which state work in large numbers at the gold jewellery hubs in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka ? Their return to their home state will create problems for gold jewellery production and exports


7. Which international hotel chain has started offering food in the food delivery chain ‘ Swiggys’ in India , as a way of adapting to the post=Covid environment ?


8. ITC has acquired a Kolkata based company Sunrise Foods , which has a successful brand franchise in which sub-category in Foods ?


9. In which country has tests been done where they achieved the highest ever Internet speed of 44.2 Terrabits per sec ?


10. What is the name of the OTT platform launched by HBO ?


11. As per an IIAS and SBIMF study what % of directors in Nifty 500 companies are women as of March 2020 ?


12. Which Chinese consumer electronics company has advanced its launch of laptops in the Indian market because of the surge in demand arising out of the WFH trend ?


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