IBQ Interactive -June


These are interactive questions that appeared during the month of June 2020 through the Twitter handle @go_mohan

1. June 30 is the World Social Media Day . World Social Media Day was first celebrated in 2010. Which magazine started this trend ?


2. In what business are Zolostays, CoHo, Colive, Stanza Living, Stay Abode etc in ?


3. As per the US Citizen and Immigration Services data there are about 586000 H-1 B holders in the US as of 2019. Approx what % of H-1 B holders are Indians !


4. What is the name of the bank in Switzerland that has become a bone of contention between the kin of SP Hinduja and the other 3 brothers ?


5. Which iconic camera brand that has been functioning since 1936 is being sold be its promoters to a PE firm because of 3 continuous years of losses from that division ? The camera division used to account for only 6% of revenue. Medical equipment being a major one. .


6. Which company has an AI based healthcare platform called Edison ?


7. Who will be taking over as the new Chairman of National Institute of Public Finance and Policy from Dr Vijay Kelkar ?


8. In the month of May, which was the only category in motor vehicles that report a positive growth with respect to previous year ?


9. Which Indian motorcycle model is hugely popular in several African countries ahead of other Indian and Chinese models ?


10. Who has assumed charge as the President of the industry body CII ?


11. Which once a leading bicycle manufacturer and exporter has closed down last of its factories in Sahibabad , UP  and laid off all the workers ?


12. On May 31 this year Crew Dragon a spaceship carried two astronauts to the International space Station . Name the private space company behind it


13. What is the term used for support services provided by employees to help laid off employees transition into new jobs and new companies ?


14. Which Indian entrepreneur has received the EY World Entrepreneur of Year Award for this year ?


15. In which country hundreds of jobless employees of locked-down bars, cafes and restaurants posed in the nude with strategically positioned plates and napkins against the lockdown measures that were hurting them badly ?




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