IBQ Interactive – August

These are interactive questions that appeared during the month of August 2020 through the Twitter handle @go_mohan

1. Which company is India’s largest mall owner with 7 million sqft gross leasable across nine operational malls in six cities ?


2. Mela Ventures is a start-up fund funded by former promoters of which company ?


3. In the Netflix web series Bad Boy Billionaires which of the following businessmen is not among the four billionaires ?


4. A UK creative design studio realising that during lockdown people are missing the familiar scents like Cinema, Local and Festival has brought out a range that it is retailing at 45 £ each. What are these ?


5. MS Dhoni endorses more than 30 brands now and has a brand value of 41.2 Million $ as per a Duff and Phelps 2019 report. He is one of the top endorsers in E-Commerce and Consumer Durables category. Which was the first brand endorsed by Dhoni


6. Who has got the sponsorship rights for IPL this year ?


7. As Amazon announced its entry into online pharmacy retailing, Reliance has acquired an online pharmacy for Rs 620 crore. Which one ?


8. What does a turophile love ?


9. Russia has announced that their Gamaleya Institute has developed a vaccine for COVID-19. This will be mass produced by Sistema by the end of the year. Under what name will it be sold abroad ?


10. Microsoft will be launching a cloud based gaming service soon, what will it be called ?


11. What was the model of the plane involved in the unfortunate Dubai-Kozhikode flight of Air India Express that met with an accident in Kozhikode ? The model was same as the one which had an accident in Mangalore in 2010


12. A leading tech company under its Project Kuiper has got US govt approval to deploy a constellation of over 3000 satellites to improve internet connectivity ..Name the firm


13. San Francisco is No 1 in terms of the cities home to most Unicorns ( start ups with more than 1 B $ valuation ). Which city is No 2 in this list ?


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