IBQ February Interactive


A selection of multiple choice questions that were posted through the Twitter handle @go_mohan during February 2020.

1. Which brand of Hindustan Unilever has achieved Rs 5000 crore in sales last year for the first time becoming the Top Brand ?


2. After his long career with Citibank, with which Indian finance company was Nanoo Pamnani closely associated , recently becoming Chairman also ? He passed away recently. RIP


3. Which Indian retailer has been ranked as No 1 in 50 Fastest growing retailers globally by Deloitte ?


4. Which FMCG company has updated its rules for marketing to children whereby it will stop advertising foods and beverages to children under the age of 12 in traditional media , primarily to fight the growing childhood obesity ?


5. In which Indian pharma company an expat CEO Erez Israeli is transforming the organisation by changing the top management team and rationalising product mix ?


6. A private airlines from Vietnam has started operating flights from India to Vietnam’s various cities and some other destinations. What is the name of this airline ?


7. The US President travels by the aircraft named Air Force One. For shorter distances, for safety reasons, helicopters are preferred over motorcade. What is the helicopter carrying US President called ?


8. Which city metro now has a stretch that goes underwater, first in India ?


9. Which retailer has brought a new way of paying for your purchases with ‘time’ ? Customers can show their Google Maps at the time of check out how much time they spent reaching the store. More time means more points..


10. In which state the local government has capped the price of 1 litre water bottle at Rs 13 , causing the industry a lot of anguish ?


11. Who will be the sports wear sponsor for the Tokyo Olympics 2020 ?


12. With which Indian designer has H&M tied up to design and market saris, kaftans, shirts and even accessories like caps ?


13. Tata Global Beverages after acquiring the consumer business of Tata Chemicals Lts has been renamed . The new name of this entity is


14. Titan has acquired HUG Innovations in Hyderabad. This will strengthen which business of Titan ?


15. Which overseas fashion house is opening a couple of outlets each in Delhi and Mumbai of its mid-market brand COS – short for Collection of Style ?


16. Which brand of soap sent out a public service message talking about the virtues of hand washing. The advt mentioned the names of competing brands ?


17. Which company owns the premium footwear brand Carmicci ?


18. On January 31, 2020 which Indian company had the largest number of employees, over 78,000, retiring on a single day ?


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