Global brands

In this page you will find select questions related to Global brands from the Weekly Business QuizzesSony has announced digital imaging, gaming and mobile phones as their core products. What product is conspicuously absent ?

Ans. TVs

What was the original name of HTC, the mobile device manufacturer ?

Ans. High Tech Computers

In mobile phone market what does “tyranny of the flagship” mean, as per the Economist ?

Ans. iPhone/ Samsung Galaxy walking away with profits

In competition to Mackintosh Jack Tramiel launched a low priced home computer. It is the best selling PC of all time. Name it.

Ans. Commodore 64

Which model of Porsche was designed by Ferdinand A Porsche who died recently ?

Ans. Porsche 911

Which mass market brand tried unsuccessfully to launch a premium offering called ARCH DELUXE ?

Ans. McDonalds

What is often said to be “sublimated essence of what America stands for” ? One journalist said it was ” a decent thing, honestly made”

Ans. Coke

Which international hotel chain’s properties in UK are likely to be taken over by an Indian property company ?

Ans. Marriott

Many analysts in US have decided to exclude one co’s results from corporate earnings, bcos the co skews the results. Name the co.

Ans. Apple

UPS has acquired TNT. What is the full form of TNT ?

 Ans. Thomson Nationwide Transport

 Among cola drinkers who are ‘dualists’ and ‘resistants” ?

Ans. Dualists drink both regular and diet at diff times. Resistants drink neither

 If Pepsi has Tropicana as its pure juices brand, what is Coke’s pure juice brand called ?

Ans. Simply juices

Most logos carry one icon, but which co logo has as many as 25 icons with symbols such as sun, DNA, bee, flower and heart?

Ans. Unilever

To which brand did Karhu Sports sell its logo for $ 2000 and two bottles of whiskey ?

Ans Adidas

Which car logo was designed by Childe Harild Wills, the inventor of Vanadium and molybdenum steel alloys ?Ans. Ford Motors

What is the new name for Android Market, the app store from Google ?

 Ans. Google Play

Name this Kraft brand that celebrates its 100th anniversary .

Ans. Oreo

Who has acquired the online photo sharing site Kodakgallery from Kodak ?

Ans. Shutterfly

Which model of car Hyundai will be launched with a Wes Anderson commercial to coincide with the academy awards ceremony ?Ans. Hyundai Azera

Why are the logo and interface of Facebook in blue colour ?

Ans. Mark Zuckerberg is red-green colour blind. Blue is the brightest color he sees

Name the Swedish retailer who has decided not to enter India because of the 30% sourcing norm.

Ans. Ikea

Which is the worlds largest direct selling company ? Clue not Amway

Ans. Avon

Which is the world largest natural gas company ?

Ans. Gazprom

Name this heritage brand of cod liver oil from Merck.

Ans. Seven seas

 If Ericsson is the technology leader in mobile phone networks who is considered the cost leader ?Ans. Huawei

Which is the only item sourced by Rolls Royce from india ?

Ans. Malabar wood

Which car group is likely to replace Toyota as the largest car mfr in the world ?

Ans. Volkswagen

Which co has decided to withdraw its logo from London Olympics after protests from many incl india ?

Ans. Dow chemicals

Name this nearly 300 year old brand that is the first name in Cognac

Ans. Remy Martin

Connect Bandit, intruder, Hayabuza..

Ans.Suzuki motorcycles

Name this artist who accounts for 17% of contemporary art sales. His first exhibition was 32 paintings of Campbell’s soup cans.

Ans. Andy Warhol
Name this 100 year old car brand named after a swiss born racing driver and has a “bow-tie’ badge on its bonnet.
Ans. Chevrolet
– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


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