Weekly Business Quiz # 423


Q 1. Which women apparel brands would you associate with TCNS Clothing Co Ltd which calls itself India’s leading women’s branded apparel company ?

Ans. W for women, Wishful and Aurelia

Q2. What government order caused a slump in the share prices of multiplex operator companies like PVR and INOX Leisure ?

Ans. Allowing the audience to bring food and beverages from outisde. This will impact their food and beverages sale which is highly profitable

Q3. BSNL has launched India’s first Internet calling service. Subscribers can call any number land or mobile in India or abroad through the app. What is it called ?

Ans. Wings

Q4. Which Indian company was involved in helping the Thai cave rescue team by supplying pumps and providing expertise in removing water from the cave where 12 boys and their coach got trapped ?

Ans, Kirloskar Brothers

Q5. In a rather strange coincidence which public sector bank now has two different individuals as Chairman and MD & CEO with the same name, Sunil Mehta ?

Ans. Punjab National Bank


Q6. Which academic of Indian origin as the head of China Europe International Business School ?

Ans. Dipak Jain

Q7. Which company has acquired CA Technologies the business software firm for US $ 18.9 Bn ?

Ans. Broadcom

Q8. In programming jargon what is “cruft” ?

Ans. Useless, redundant or poorly written code


  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


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