Weekly Business Quiz # 311

Q 1. Name this incubator in Silicon Valley that has given birth to over 1000 startups incl Air BnB, DropBox. It was started by Paul Graham & 3 others.

Ans. Y Combinator

Q 2. Which hotel chain has Marriott acquired to become the largest hotel chain in the world ?

Ans. Starwood

Q3. After quitting as the CEO of IPL, where has Sunder Raman joined ?

Ans. Reliance – Sports as CEO

Q4. Wow is an airline from which country ?

Ans. Iceland

Q5. As per the recent statistics which is the world’s busiest airport ?

Ans. Atlanta, USA

Q6. What guidelines did RBI issue in July 2014 to make the ATMs friendly for the visually challenged ?

Ans. All new ATMs to be talking ATMs with Braille keypads. All old ATMs to be gradually converted.

Q7. Name the credit rating agency promoted by Prof Vivek Kulkarni, IAS and former IT Secretary, Govt of Karnataka . It is the fifth approved credit rating agency in India.

Ans. Brickwork ratings

The Weekly Business Quiz has completed 6 years this November. Thanks to all the visitors.

  • Compiled by G.Mohan @go_mohan



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