Weekly Business Quiz # 230

Q1.What tweet from Infy board member Kiran Mazumdar Shaw generated controversy for which she apologised ?

Ans. Tweet on Rohan Murthy’s presentation at Infosys board meeting!

Q 2. What famous eye care brand is owned by Valeant which is trying to acquire Allergan ?

Ans. Bausch and Lomb

Q3. DoCoMo is exiting out of Tata Teleservices by selling its stake at a loss. Name the parent company of DoCoMo.

Ans. NTT

Q4. SEBI is going to allow trading in 4 new types of bonds , one of which is covered bonds. What are covered bonds ?

Ans. Securities created from public sector loans or mortgage loans where the security is backed by a separate group of loans. Covered bonds typically carry a 2-10 year maturity rate and enjoy relatively high credit ratings, depending on the quality of the pool of loans (“cover pool”) backing the bond. Covered bonds are often attractive to investors looking for high-quality instruments that offer attractive yields.

Q5. Which model has become the largest selling two wheeler in Indian market ?

ans. Honda Activa

Q6. One of the earliest E-Commerce sites Indiaplaza went offline recently. under what name was it launched in 1999 in the height if dot com boom

Ans. Fabmart.com

Q7. Which luxury brand has an investment arm called L Capital ?


Q8. Coca Cola is called Keko Koule in China. What does it mean in Chinese ?

Ans. Let your mouth rejoice

Q9. A WSJ headline says ‘ Otis finds ‘Reshoring’ is not easy ‘ . What is reshoring ?

Ans. Bringing back the manufacturing facility back to the home country after off shoring it earlier.

Q 10. What popular programming language was invented by Thomas E Kurtz and John G Kemeny of Dartmouth college , 50 years ago ?


Q 11. Why is there is a high likelihood of increased supply of alphonso mangoes in Indian market this year ?

Ans. EU ban on Indian mangoes

Q 12. In which product category is Gerber,the No 1 brand in USA ?

Ans. Baby foods 

Q 13. Which global co has recently promoted Rajeev Suri as its CEO ?

Ans. Nokia

Q 14. This car became the base for a very famous car later. What did this car become ?


Ans. Batmobile

-compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan



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