Weekly Business Quiz # 128

Q 1. Who is the new President of World Bank ?

Ans. Jim Yong Kim

Q2. Which luxury car manufacturer has acquired the Italian bike mfr Ducati for 860 mn € ?

Ans. Audi

Q3. ASCI and TAM have launched NAMS . What is NAMS ?

Ans. National Audience Measurement System for measuring reach of ads

Q4. Which online for profit news blog has been given a Pulitzer prize ?

Ans. Huffington Post

Q5. Star moves out of the alliance with ABP. what will be the new names of Star news, star Ananda and Star Majha ?

Ans. ABP will replace Star in all names for eg ABP news

Q6. Who will be the celebrity endorsing the bike Suzuki Hayate ?

Ans.  Salman Khan

Q7. Which CM has announced that they will launch their own newspaper and TV channel ?

Ans. Mamata Banerjee

Q8. Who had said ” if I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse “?

Ans.  Henry Ford

Q9. For which TV show which is to be aired on 10 channels is Aamir Khan charging rs 3 crore per episode ?

Ans. Satyamev Jayate

Q10. As per TRAI guidelines what is the maxm mumber of tariff plans a mobile operator can have at a given point in time ?

Ans. 25 plans

Q 11. What two pieces of info has been made mandatory in pass book and a/c statement by RBI for every bank?

Ans.  MICR and IFSC

Q12. As per The Economist, what technology is central to the 3rd industrial revolution ?

Ans. 3D printing

Q13. Which global food major has acquired the nutrition business of Pfizer for over 11 bn $ ?

Ans. Nestle

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan



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