Weekly Business Quiz #65

Q1. US retailer engages top designers to design everyday home items like tea kettles etc,  mass produces them and sells at discount thereby competing with the likes of Wal-mart?


 Q2. Which car major has launched a luxury sports sedan named KIZASHI ?

Ans. Maruti Suzuki

Q3. Name the low profile partner of Warren Buffett of over 40 years who shares his investment philosophy.

Ans. Charlie Munger

Q4. What brand of diamond jewellery is owned by the Mehtas of ROSY BLUE listed by LGT bank for stashing black money abroad ?


Q5. What is ‘KODAK courage’ ?

Ans.  Extra courage displayed when being clicked for a photograph

Q6. What is innovative about THE DAILY launched by Rupert Murdoch ?

Ans. First newspaper designed excl for iPAD.

Q7. If Times of India has a job site called timesjobs.com, which media group owns the website SHINE ?


Q8. Under what brand is Pepsi launching cookies in the indian market ?

Ans. Quaker

Q9. As the internet runs out of IP addresses what new protocol will solve this problem ?

Ans.  IPv6

Q10.  Which guru once said with 20 hours of library research about a co he would know as much about the business as the CEO?

Ans. Michael Porter

Q11. Which Indian hotel chain claims they don’t sell rooms, they sell sleep ?

Ans.  ITC WelcomGroup

Q12. Why is carbon black added to rubber while making tyres ?

Ans. To provide strength and durability

Q13. Which indian co has brought out a cell phone for seniors with big keypad, large display and an SOS button ?

Ans iBall

Q14. Who has taken charge as PMs advisor on skill development in a cabinet rank ?

Ans. S.Ramadorai

Q15. Why is french businessman BERGGUENEN called a homeless billionaire ?

Ans. He has no house, lives in hotels and owns a pvt jet

– Compiled by G.Mohan


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