Weekly Business Quiz # 25

This is 25th week in a row, I have posted a business quiz. No big deal. Yet, there is a feeling of accomplishment. Hope to continue… Many thanks to all the newspapers, magazines and media people who create content which is the source of all the questions. Thanks to all the readers and visitors to this site.

If you wish to contribute questions on business trivia, please post in the comments and it will be duly acknowledged.

Here are the questions for the week.

Q1. On pharma mergers. Hoechst a well known pharma co till ’80s got acquired. Where is HOECHST today?

Ans. It is part of Sanofi Aventis

Q2. Sony is the sole manufacturer of this once popular data storage media. It will stop it next year. Name it.

Ans. 3.5″ Floppy disk

Q3. In the context of global economy , which countries are being called PIGS. Name them.

Ans. Portugal Italy Greece Spain.

Q4. As per a recent report by C B Richard Ellis which city is the No 1 retail hot spot for international retailers ?

Ans. London. Followed by Dubai, Paris & NY

Q5. Who authored the book ‘NO LOGO’ which was an attack on brands,their influence and how their owners control the world ?

Ans. Naomi Klein

Q6. Which model from Bajaj is giving a scare to Hero Honda in the 100cc bike market ?

Ans.  Discover

Q7. Which Indian born paramedic from Toronto of  the NGO Globalmedic features in the Time 100 list for his relief work in Haiti earthquake ?

Ans. Rahul Singh

Q8. Name the IIM A alum from Bihar aka ‘ Business Baazigar’ who rocked recently at the Obama summit.

Ans.  Irfan Alam – who has created Samman Foundation which has created a unique business aound rickshaws of Patna. 

Q9. What is Twetiquette ?

Ans. Etiquette on Twitter for example, spellings, grammar, no all cap tweets. There are tweeple who watch and warn

Q10. Which Mumbai based corporate sponsored club has decided to get out of competitive soccer to focus on soccer at school level ?

Ans. Mahindra United

Q11. Recently a gym co with a gem of a name, _____ better value fitness limited concluded its IPO successfully. Fill in the blank.

Ans.  Talwalkars

Q 12. Palm the co known for its PDAs and smart phones like PRE and Treo has been acquired. Who has acquired Palm?

Ans. Hewlett Packard

Q13. What is aeroponics ?

Ans. Growing plants in air without any need for soil. Vertical multi storeyed farms are possible using this

Q14. Which Union Minister’s family is associated with the IMT group of B-schools present in Ghaziabad, Nagpur and soon in Hyd?

Ans. Kamal Nath

The ET- Brand Equity Quiz begins today. Wishing the participants all the best.  






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