Weekly Business Quiz # 299

Q 1. Cyanogen competes with which product of Google ?

Ans. Android

Q 2. Why is the drug Addyi and its maker Sprout in the news ?

Ans. Female Viagra..Sprout has been acquired by Valeant for 1 Bn $

Q 3. Which new bank will start operations this week and has the tagline ‘Aap ka bhala, Sab ki Bhalai” ?

Ans. Bandhan Bank

Q 4. Which company owns the premium bottled water brand Perrier ?

Ans. Nestle

Q5. What gift from the Japanese PM to any citizen crossing 100 years is being changed because too many Japanese are crossing 100 years age ?

Ans. Silver Sake dish. Due to higher numbers it is costing the govt a lot more. it may give a wooden one now.

Q 6. Which Indian airport has the distinction if being the world’s first solar energy powered airport ?

Ans. Kochi International Airport

Q7. Which company has renamed itself as 63 Moons technologies and why ?

Ans. FTIL (it drew inspiration from the 63 moons of Jupiter ). It changed its name because of the bad name it earned in the NSEL scam.

Q8. Who said ” Historians and archaeologists will one day discover that the ads of our time are the richest and most faithful daily reflections any society ever made of its whole range of activities ” ?

Ans. Marshall McLuhan

Q9. Who has said that a ” Brand is nothing but a name that tells a story ” ?

Ans. Claude Hopkins

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 298

Q 1. Which scooter model has become the first model to cross 1 crore unit sales in India ?

Ans. Honda Activa

Q 2. Which telecom company, a rival of AT&T,  had sued AT&T in 1974, leading to receiving 1.8 Bn $ in damages and AT&T’s breakup ?

Ans. MCI

Q3. Identify this person and why is he in the news ?


Ans. P.S.Jayakumar selected as the MD and CEO of Bank of Baroda…first person to be chosen from private sector

Q4. Why are former Amazon employees derogatorily called ‘Amholes’ ?

Ans. They are very aggressive and competitive, hence make bad colleagues

Q5. What is the govt’s seven step programme to revamp the public sector banks called ?

Ans. Indradhanush

Q6. Which family has bought a significant stake in The Economist group from Pearson recently ?

Ans. Agnelli family of Italy through their investment arm Exor

Q7. ” Making India beautiful” is the tagline of which retail chain ?

Ans. Big Bazaar

Q8. Verghese Kurien had described Amul’s business as C2C. What did he mean ?

Ans. Cow to Consumer

Q9. Prior to the manufacture of Videocon TVs, in which business were the Dhoots in ?

Ans. Bajaj Auto dealers in Aurangabad

Q 10. The colloquial term for refrigerator is a “fridge” ? From which brand has this term come in popular use.

Ans. Frigidaire

Q 11. What is “Newsjacking” ?

Ans. The art and science of injecting your ideas into a breaking news story & generating advertisement around it.

Q 12. How much do Indian celebrities get paid for promoting a brand in a Tweet ?

Ans. Rs 1 lakh to Rs 5 lakh per Tweet

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 297

Q 1. With which retail chain has BCCL tied up to market Femina Flaunt range of ladies wear ?

Ans. Shopper’s stop

Q2. In corporate lingo who or what is a HIPPO ?

Ans. Highly Paid Person’s Opinion

Q3. With the acquisition of Van Tuyl, Berkshire now owns nine-and-a-half companies that would be listed on the Fortune 500 were they independent (______ is the half),” Warren Buffett wrote in his annual letter to shareholders this year. “That leaves 490-and-a-half fish in the sea. Our lines are out.”

Which co is Buffett referring to that Berkshire Hathaway owns half ?

Ans. Heinz

Q4.In order to simplify the process of deactivating mobile internet on phones, what has TRAI ordered the phone companies ?

Ans.simply calling or even by sending an SMS to 1925

Q5.With which lab has Google collaborated to bring obstruction free photos from mobile phones, so that reflections etc are removed ?

Ans. MIT Labs

Q6.What is the new name of GroupOn India ?

Ans. Nearbuy

Q7.Where has Xiaomi setup its manufacturing plant in India ?

Ans. Sri City in AP on the AP-TN border

Q8.Warren Buffett has made his biggest acquisition at $ 37.2 Bn recently. Name the company bought by Berkshire Hathaway .

Ans. Precision Castparts Corporation- an aerospace parts manufacturer

Q9.Identify this logo


Ans. J & K Bank

Q10. Which well known text book publishing house owns Safari Digital Education

Ans. S.Chand and Sons Publishing

_ Compiled by G.Mohan @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 296

Q 1. From which city have the following start ups been launched Cardekho, Logicroots,Culture Alley ?

Ans. Jaipur

Q2. What is common to the brands Chetak, Hamam, Binaca and Dalda ?

Ans. They are old brands that are/were relaunched after they were out of the market for a long time.

Q3. Identify the brand being advertised

philips new

Ans. Philips Aquatouch shaver

Q4. Which brand launched two new flavours and and promoted the concept of‪#‎flavourism‬ on the occasion of the Friendship day ?

Ans. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk

Q5. Identify this businessman and his enterprise. He has 150 such cars 


Ans. Goutam Kundu of Rose Valley group of Companies

Q6. What error message during Windows 10 installation has created a lot of amusement on Twitter ?

Ans. Something Happened

Q7. Identify this billionaire of Indian origin


Ans. Micky Jagtiani of Landmark Group

– Compiled by G.Mohan @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 295

Q 1. The ownership of Financial Times changed hands recently. Who sold and who bought ?

Ans. Pearson sold the stake in FT to Nikkei

Q2. Almost 75% of the Antwerp’s diamond industry is made up families from one town in Gujarat. Name the town.

Ans. Palanpur near Surat

Q3. Name the person and the company to which this executive has been appointed CEO recently


Ans. Suresh Narayanan of Nestle India

Q4. What did two researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek demonstrate that has led to recall of 1.4 million Chrysler vehicles ?

Ans. Hackers demonstrated security flaws. In a terrifying demonstration to Wired reporter Andy Greenberg earlier this week, two hackers showed the ability to hack into a Jeep Cherokee from miles away, gain control of its internal network, and then tamper with its transmission, brakes, and other safety-critical features.

Q5. RBI has issued guidelines for corporates to issue Masala bonds. What are Masala bonds ?

Ans. Masala bonds are Indian rupee denominated bonds issued in offshore capital markets. These will be offered and settled in US dollars to raise Indian rupees from international investors for infrastructure development in India.

Q6. The creator of Archie comics Tom Moore passed away. In the world of Interent, what are Archie, Veronica and Jughead ?


Ans. They were the first search tools on the net.

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 294

Q 1. Yahoo owns a strategic 15 % stake in another e-commerce company. Now it will spin it off into a seperate co Aabaco. Name this E-Commerce co.

Ans. Alibaba

Q2. Which FMCG company’s claim to patent oral formulation containing cinnamon, nutmeg were opposed and won by India through Traditional Knowledge Digital Library (TKDL) ?

Ans. Colgate Palmolive

Q3. Why would President Obama not stay in Waldorf Astoria when he visits New York ?

Ans. The hotels was recently acquired by Chinese owners, hence risky

Q4. Amazon has launched a new holiday season linking to its own birthday, what is it called ?

Ans. Prime Day

Q5. Maruti Suzuki is launching a chain of premium car retail stores , what are they called ?

Ans. Nexa

Q6. Which company has decided to provide breast milk shipping service to mothers when on tour ?

Ans. IBM

Q7. What is the watch worn by Novak Djokovic while winning Wimbledon title ?


Ans. Seiko Astron GPS Solar Novak Djokovic Limited Edition

Q8. In which market has Coke launched cans with no labels ?


Ans.Middle East

Q9. Identify the company


Ans. Bolthouse farms

Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @ go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 293

Q 1. Liril has recreated an old campaign with a new model. Name the new model

Ans. Anabelle from Brazil

Q 2. Who said ” If you owe the bank 100 $ that’s your problem, if you owe the bank 100 mn $, that’s the bank’s problem.” ?

Ans. J Paul Getty

Q3. Satoru Iwata died recently. he was considered to be the man behind the most successful game console ever. Name the console

Ans. Nintendo Wii

Q4. Identify this businessman and his company.


Ans. B.K.Goenka of Welspun

Q5. The Union Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapati Raju launched GAGAN recently. What is the full form of GAGAN ?

Ans. GPS aided Geo Augmented Navigation

Q6. Which Indian business group funds this Delhi based think-tank ?


Ans. Reliance

Q7. With which fast food chain would you associate the Universal studios movie Minions


Ans. McDonald’s

Q8. What is the new name of recruitment start-up MyNoticePeriod founded by 2 former Yahoo employees Manjunath and Abhijit ?

Ans. Hiree

Q9. Tata Motors has partnered with Laxmibai Mahila Nagrik Sahakari Bank and SGS Motors in Gwalior to launch a new cab service for women, by women in Gwalior. What is it called ?

Ans. Veerangana Express

Q10. Which company owns the rum brand Hercules now in India which was very popular among the armed forces long ago ?

Ans. Khodays

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


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