Weekly Business Quiz # 321

Q 1. What is referred to as the Li Keqiang Index ?

Ans. Index to measure China’s economy using three Indicator – the railway cargo volume, electricity consumption and loans disbursed by banks

Q2. Which co has launched a crossover between a scooter and motorcycle called Navi ?

Ans. Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India

Q3. Which country has banned throwing of any food by the supermarkets ?

Ans. France

Q4. After Tata Motors decided to drop its name Zica because of its unpleasant association with a virus, how is it getting its new name !

Ans. Crowdsurcing through social media like Twitter and Facebook

Q5. Name this board game that is popular since 1935. It is owned by Hasbro now. It promotes the greed-is-good principle.

Ans. Monopoly

Q6. Name this ad guru who wrote a biography of Dhirubhai Ambani and also founded MICA in Ahmedabad. He passed away recently. May his soul RIP.


Ans. AG Krishnamurthy

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Weekly Business Quiz # 320

Q 1. Name this leading auction house in the world known for its art auctions that is privately owned by French billionaire Francois Pinault.

Ans. Christie’s

Q2. What is the moniker given by MTV to the generation of teens after the Millennials ?

Ans. Founders

Q3. What radical measure has been proposed by Bank of Japan in its recently announced monetary policy ?

Ans. Negative Interest Rate Policy

Q4. What is the big change that Mattel is introducing in Barbies introduced recently in USA ?Barbie

Ans. It is introducing 3 diffeerent Barbies with different body shapes, Curvy being one.

Q5. Why is Indian govt developing the Chabahar port in Iran ?

Ans. To bring cheap gas by sea , avoiding Pakistan

Q6. Identify the actor promoting McVities Marie biscuits.


Ans. Kajol

Q7. Admen Alyque Padamsee and Prasoon Joshi had recd Padma awards in the Art category. Which adman has now been given Padmasri for advertising ?

Ans. Piyush Pandey of O & M

Q8. Who is believed to have recorded the first six word story way back in 1920 ?

Ans. Ernest Hemingway

Q9. With which IT co has Titan collaborated for launching the smart watch Juxt launched recently ?


Ans. HP

Q 10. It started life as Levers International advtg services. It became LINTAS. Later Lowe Lintas. In 2015 , its name changed again. What’s it since 2015 ?

Ans. Mullen Lowe Lintas Group

Q 11. Who has directed the ad film for Mahindra KUV 100 ?

Ans. Zoya Akhtar

Q 12. Film actress Asin got married to Rahul Sharma recently. Rahul is the co-founder and CEO of which company ?


Ans. Micromax

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Weekly Business Quiz # 319

Q 1. Which beer brand is promotting responsible drinking by using lines like “Moderate drinkers wanted “and “Drink less, dance more “?

Ans. Heineken

Q2. Which company has acquired the appliances division of GE for over 5 Billion $ ?

Ans. Haier Group

Q3. Which adult magazine has decided to stop its print edition and produce only its digital edition ?

Ans. Penthouse

Q4. To which city has GE decided to shift its HQ for focussing more on digital and also tax considerations ?

Ans. Boston

Q5. Twinings and two other tea cos in UK have stopped purchasing tea from which Indian co as they were short on health and safety for workers ?

Ans. The Assam Company

Q6. Which US magazine carried this picture on their cover recently causing controversy ?


Ans. Fortune magazine

Q7. Name the celebrity behind the garment and jewellery collection brand ” EK” ?

Ans. Ekta Kapoor

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Weekly Business Quiz # 318

Q 1. According to Morgan Stanley’s Ruchir Sharma BRIC is out , FANG is in. Expand FANG.

Ans. Facebook, Amazonn, Netflix and Google

Q 2. Azim Premji has been judged as the No 1 philanthropist for 3 years in a row. He is known to live frugally. What is his car ?

Ans. A pre-owned Mercedes Benz bought from one of his employees

Q3. Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian have 80 % of the share globally in a particular business. Carnival is the leader .Name the business.

Ans. Luxury cruises

Q4. Identify this former Google employee who was the lead developer for Gmail . He also gave the Google tagline “Don’t be evil”


Ans. Paul Buchheit

Q5. Where does Reliance Defence propose to set up its Naval shipyard ?

Ans. Near Viskhapatnam in AP

Q6. Under what brand name has the Tata group reentered the cosmetics business after 18 years ?

Ans. Studiowest, a private label by Westside

Q7. What is novel about this outlet in Nashville, Tennessee , USA ?


Ans. A coin operated car vending machine

Q8. In what business is Ms Hirami Kano and her family business kigurumi.biz is making waves in Japan ?

Ans. Making mascots

Q9. At what price point do the Netflix services start in India ?

Ans. Rs 500 per month

Q 10. Where has Tinder set up its first overseas office outside of US ?

Ans. Delhi in India

Q 11. Which western fashion brand has launched a Hijab and Naqab collection ?

Ans. Dolce and Gabbana

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Weekly Business Quiz # 317

Q 1. Who has taken over as the CEO of Niti Aayog from Sindhushree Khullar ?

Ans. Amitabh Kant

Q2. Which Indian co has the largest number of followers in Facebook as well as LinkedIn making it No 1 in terms of its social media appeal ?

Ans. Nestle India

Q3. After BRIC, the next set of frontier emerging markets have the acronym CIVETS . Which six countries make up the CIVETS ?

Ans. Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey and South Africa

Q4. Which US electronics retail chain has been turned around by a largely female team of Shari, Sharon and Mary Lou ?

Ans. Best Buy

Q5. With which auto co/ group would you associate the upmarket retail chain Good Earth, whose flagship store is in Khan Market, Delhi ?

Ans. Eicher

Q6. Name this industrialist and dog lover who has invested in the online pet supplies chain Dogspot.in

Ans. Ratan Tata

Q7. The terrorists killed in Pathankot had EPCOT branded shoes, batteries etc establishing their Pakistani link. Expand EPCOT.

Ans. Eastern Pakistan Chrome Tannery

Q8. On her birthday a Deepika Padukone question. Name the brand for which Deepika appeared first as a model.


Ans. PC Chandra Jewellers, a Kolkata based jewellery chain

Q9. This chain started its first store in 1984 in a 900 sq ft outlet in Los Angeles. How do we know this leading athleisure brand/chain today ?


Ans. Forever 21

Q 10. Which search engine acquired by Microsoft has become the core of Microsoft Bing ?

Ans. Powerset

Q 11. Which taxi hailing company in US funded the likes of Richard Branson has decided to close down ?

Ans. Sidecar

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Wishing all the India Business Quiz visitors a Happy New Year. In 2015, for the first time the number of hits crossed 400,000. Thanks.



Weekly Business Quiz # 316

Q 1. Which company completed successfully India’s largest delisting ever ?

Ans. Essar Oil

Q2. Why are the traders of Khan Market in New Delhi angry with film star Salman Khan ?

Ans. Salman has launched a e-commerce site called Khanmarketonline.com which the shopkeepers of Khan Market, New Delhi think will eat into their business.

Q3. Identify this logo. Also name the company this brand/division is part of.


Ans. British paints, a SBU of Berger Paints is correct. British Paints became Berger and then British Paints became part of Berger itself.

Q4. With which foreign credit rating agency has the Indian agency CARE gone for a strategic alliance ?

Ans. Japan Credit Rating Agency

Q5. Which Indian company has launched a contact less payment system called mobomoney ?

Mobo Money

Ans. Tech Mahindra

Q6. This legendary fund manager was the top mutual fund manager for 13 years in a row. He is quoted perhaps next only to Buffett on investing. Identify him.


Ans. Peter Lynch

Q7. Identify this ecommerce co from its logo. It wants to be the Wal-Mart of e-commerce. It is one of the largest advertisers on Facebook.


Ans. Wish

Q8. In which business is Pepboys in?

Peter Lynch

Ans. Auto services and spares is correct

Q9.Identify the model, a Bollywood star of her times.


Ans.  Durga Khote

Q 10. With which online retailer would you associate the hashtag ‪#‎Kyapehnu‬ ?

Ans. Amazon.in


India Business Quiz wishes all the readers a very happy and prosperous 2016.. Happy Quizzing..

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Weekly Business Quiz # 315

Q1. Which Indian businessman is believed to have helped set up the meeting between Modi and Nawaz Sharif ?

Ans. Sajjan Jindal of JSW Steel group

Q2. Malaysia’s first Sharia compliant airline Rayani air has PIO promoters. The airline name is derived from their names. Name them.

Ans. Ravi and Karthiyani…first and last parts of their names

Q3. Steven Spielberg and Jeff Skoll have launched Amblin entertainment with a third partner. Who is the third partner ?

Ans. Anil Ambani

Q4. HUL has acquired a brand called Indulekha. In what product category is this brand ?

Ans. Hair Oil

Q5. Name this Chinese businessman who heads Fosun group and is often called as the Warren Buffet of China. He has gone missing

Ans. Guo Guangchang

Q6. Which French ball point co owns 100% in Cello ?

Ans. BiC

Q7. Google has releaased the 5 most watched YouTube ads in 2015 in India. Which advt had the highest number of views ?


Ans. Lifebuoy : Help a child reach 5- Chamki, 13 million views

Q8. With which country would you associate Spotify, Candy Crush, ABBA and now as the country in the forefront of being cashless ?

Ans. Sweden

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan



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