Weekly Business Quiz # 280

Q 1. Which recent ecommerce deal is being talked about as ‘It was simply Kunal calling Kunal.’ ?
Ans.Snapdeal acquiring Freecharge..Kunal Bahl and Kunal Shah

Q 2. Name the new regional airline started by Decor Aviation that began commercial operations on April 12
Ans. Air Pegasus

Q3. What new control measure by the FM in this year’s budget has angered the jewellers in India ?
Ans. PAN Card for jewellery purchases above Rs 1 lakh

Q4. With whom has Flipkart tied up in Mumbai to speed up parcel delivery ?
Ans. Dabbawalas

Q5. What is common to the following cos. Future Retail, Gujarat NRE Coke, Jain Irrigation and Tata Motors ? ( Clue : Finance question)

Ans. Shares with DVRs

Q6. Why are some Kings XI Punjab players embarrassed about their new jersey this IPL season ?

Ans. Manforce condoms

Q7.Rheson is a private label from Shopper’s Stop. How does it get its name ?


Ans. Rhea and Sonam Kapoor are the designers

Q8.Why is this Bombay Dyeing Model of the ’70s in the news ? Name him.


Ans. He is the grand nephew of Subhas Chandra Bose. Currently speaking on the Nehru snooping Bose controvery. Ardhendu Bose

Q9.Why was the shawl worn by PM Modi during his France visit in the news ?


Ans. Sagarika Ghose tweeted that this was a Louis Vuitton shawl. LV denied it.

Q 10. Why is this company in the news ?


Ans. LinkedIn has acquired Lynda.com for 1.5 Bn $ recently

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 279

Q 1. FedEx has acquired its rival TNT Express. What does TNT stand for ?

Ans. Thomson Nationwide Transport

Q2. What well known service that India Post ran for 135 years has been discontinued recently ?

Ans,. Money Order ( the traditional way). It has been replaced by eMO.

Q 3. “For sale : baby shoes, never worn” is an example of a new category of ultra short stories. What is the category called ?

Ans. Flash fiction

Q 4. Stanford has made tuition free for students whose family income is below a certain amount. What is the figure ?

Ans. US $ 125,000 per annum

Q 5. Delhi had a Rs 25 crore robbery, the biggest ever,recently. What did the truck contain ?

Ans. Samsung phone parts

Q6. This Amul ad is in response to which recent controversy ?

amul dp

Ans. Vogue video “My Choice”featuring Deepika Padukone

Q 7. Which car co has replaced Mahindra and Mahindra as the 3rd in car sales in March 2015 ?

Ans. Honda

Q8. Which business group has asked its employees to give up LPG subsidy voluntarily in keeping with PM Modi’s appeal ?

Ans. Tata Group

Q9. Who is the first professional woman to be inducted in the Tata Sons board ?

Ans. Farida Khambata

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 278

Q 1.  Kavalan Solist Vinho Barriqque has been voted the best whisky in the world. It belongs to which country ?

Ans. Taiwan

Q 2. Which Organisation or person has won the Gandhi prize for the year 2014 ?


Q 3. March 27, 1884 – The first successful long-distance telephone conversation took place. Between whom and which two cities this took place ?

Ans. Between Alexander Bell and Watson between Boston and Ne Yor.

Q 4. In what business is SH Kelkar and co a market leader ? It is coming out with a 100 Mn $ IPO soon .

Ans. Fragrances and aromatic chemicals

Q 5. Identify the logo.


Ans. Periscope, a video streaming service started by Twitter

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 277

Q 1. Name the Brazilian investor behind 3 G Capital the company behind the Heinz Kraft merger. He is a friend of Warren Buffet.

Ans. Jorge Paul Lemann

Q 2. Who owns Germanwings the airline which had a crash unfortunately ?

Ans. Lufthansa

Q 3. Which Indian airline has introduced JRD Tata livery in its planes recently ?

Ans. Air Asia India

Q4. In what business is Prolacta Bioscience a California based startup in ?

Ans. Human milk

Q5. “I wrote the code to launch the window and run an ad in it. I’m sorry. Our intentions were good.” Who said it ?

Ans. Ethan Zuckerman

Q6. From April 1 2015 what would be the price of a Railway platform ticket. ?

Ans. Rs 10

Q7. Identify this businesswoman who heads a group of companies named after her


Ans. Rajshree Pathy

Q8. With whom have Benelli tied up in India to launch its super bikes with prices starting from Rs 2.83 lakh only ?


Ans. DSK Motowheels

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 276

Q 1. Adlabs had an IPO which bombed badly. For which project they were raising the money ?

Ans. Imagica

Q2.What is common to the airlines Ansett Air Australia, TWA, PanAm and Swissair ?

Ans.All are no longer flying

Q3. On 14th March the first dot com was registered 30 years ago . It exists even today. Name it.

Ans. Symbolics

Q4.What modern implement is being banned by tourist attractions like Versailles Palace near Paris and National Gallery in London ?

ans. Selfie sticks

Q5. Which media co has acquired Screen from Indian express group ?

Ans. Star TV

Q6. Which Indian corporate is the biggest donor for the Mahatma Gandhi statue unveiled in London recently by FM ?

Ans. Infosys

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 275

Q 1. Identify the logo/ mascot


Ans. Meerkat…a site which allows live streaming of videos via Twitter

Q 2. Which company is promoting ‘ kaamkaajsutra’ as a way to please the woman on the International women’s day ?

Ans. Godrej

Q3. Shiva is the only private uranium mine owned by an Indian. In which country is the mine ?


Ans. South Africa

Q4. Apple has been included in the Dow Jones Industrial average. Which company has it replaced ?

Ans. AT & T

Q5. Which tech company has 1/1/1 model of philanthropy ? 1% products , 1% profit and 1 % employee time for volunteering as company  Policy

Ans. Salesforce dot com

Q6. Which US retail chain started in 1969 selling jeans and music. Its early name idea was ‘Pants and discs’ ?

Ans. GAP

Q7. How do we better know ‘Refreshing Mints’ sold by Italian confectioner Ferrero in over 100 countries ?

Ans. Tic Tac

-Compiled by G.Mohan @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 274

Q 1. Which e-commerce giant will be managing the retail arm of IRCTC for two years ?

Ans. Amazon

Q 2. “The Lion Wakes” is a historical account of which global bank ?


Q 3. Who said that the nine most terrifying words in the English language are, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help” ?

Ans. Ronald Reagan

Q4. As per the union budget 2015, in which states are new IIMs being proposed ?

Ans. AP and Jammu and Kashmir

Q5. FM has announced the launch of a MUDRA Bank. Expand MUDRA.

Ans. Micro Units Development Refinance Agency

Q6. Before the Indian budget process begins what Indian sweet is prepared and served to all the officials including FM as a ritual ?

Ans. Halwa

Q7. If Apple : Cupertino, Facebook : Menlo Park then Google : _____ ?

Ans. Mountain View, all counties of Silicon Valley having co HQs

Q 8. On an average , how many Indians travel on the trains of Indian Railways in a day ?

Ans. 2.1 crore

Q9. Which chain has introduced edible coffee cups Scoffee on a trial basis ?

Ans. KFC

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

Q9. Which chain has introduced edible coffee cups Scoffee on a trial basis ?

Ans. KFC


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