Weeky Business Quiz # 312

Q 1. Who owns the instant noodles brand Joymee that is available in Indian markets ?

Ans. Inbisco, an Indonesian co.

Q 2. What is Hillary Clinton’s objection to the Pfizer-Allergan merger ?

Ans.  The new company prefers to be headquartered in Ireland and not USA to save a huge amount of tax. This is also called tax inversion

Q 3. Which ecommerce site has got adversely hit due to Aamir Khan’s utterances on intolerance ?

Ans. Snapdeal, people are doing Appwapsi and downgrading the ratings

Q 4. In what product category has Tata launched Tata Sampann ?

Ans. Packaged spices by  Tata Chemicals

Q5. What campaign has Durex started on Twitter to commemorate the AIDS day on Dec 1 ?

Ans. Condom Emoji

Q6. What is Arre and who are its promoters ?


Ans. A digital media venture by Ronnie Screwvala, B Saikumar and Ajay Chacko

Q7. Who are the co-owners of Mashal sports, that has promoted the Prro-Kabaddi league ?

Ans. Anand Mahindra and Charu Sharma

Q8. Identify her and the bank she will head soon


Ans. Zarin Daruwalla, who will quit ICICI Bank to head Stanchart India

Q9. To which country does the retail chain Falabella belong ?


Ans. Chile

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Weekly Business Quiz # 311

Q 1. Name this incubator in Silicon Valley that has given birth to over 1000 startups incl Air BnB, DropBox. It was started by Paul Graham & 3 others.

Ans. Y Combinator

Q 2. Which hotel chain has Marriott acquired to become the largest hotel chain in the world ?

Ans. Starwood

Q3. After quitting as the CEO of IPL, where has Sunder Raman joined ?

Ans. Reliance – Sports as CEO

Q4. Wow is an airline from which country ?

Ans. Iceland

Q5. As per the recent statistics which is the world’s busiest airport ?

Ans. Atlanta, USA

Q6. What guidelines did RBI issue in July 2014 to make the ATMs friendly for the visually challenged ?

Ans. All new ATMs to be talking ATMs with Braille keypads. All old ATMs to be gradually converted.

Q7. Name the credit rating agency promoted by Prof Vivek Kulkarni, IAS and former IT Secretary, Govt of Karnataka . It is the fifth approved credit rating agency in India.

Ans. Brickwork ratings

The Weekly Business Quiz has completed 6 years this November. Thanks to all the visitors.

  • Compiled by G.Mohan @go_mohan


Weekly Business Quiz # 310

Q 1. Which celebrity endorses Lia agarbatti, TVS Jupiter , Binani cement , Boroplus cream etc

Ans. Amitabh Bachchan

Q 2. Through which online platform has Maggi returned to the Indian market after the ban has been lifted ?

Ans. Snapdeal

Q3. Identify this businesswoman who is the Chaiperson of Shell in India


Ans. Yasmine Hilton

Q4. Identify this businesswoman who has made an entry into the Fortune list of powerful 50 Businesswomen 2015.


Ans. Jyoti Deshpande

Q5. Name the Sri Lanka born promoter of Virtusa , the company that has acquired Polaris Consulting.

Ans. Kris Canekeratne

Q6. What symbol is inscribed in the India Gold coins launched by govt recently ?

Ans. Ashoka Chakra

Q7. Two days two acronyms from govt of India. A quiz master’s delight. Expand IMPRINT and UDAY

Ans. Impacting Research Innovation and Technology (IMPRINT)
Ujwal DISCOM Assurance Yojana (UDAY) 

Q8. If Salman Khan records a message and that becomes your caller tune, what will it be called ? This is a growing business

Ans. Celebrity name tune

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 309

Q 1. Coffee day promoter V G Siddhartha hit a jackpot when a technology co’s IPO bombed in 90s. Now his own co’s prices crashed on listing. Name the technology company.

Ans. Infosys Technologies who issue in 1992 was underssubscribed and  V G Siddhartha’s Sivan Securities  bailed it out . This became a major source of his wealth

Q 2. Where is Amazon opening its first brick and mortar bookstore ?

Ans. Seattle

Q 3. Who has been signed by Tata Motors as its first brand ambassador in its 70 years history ?

Ans. Lionel Messi

Q4. With the merger of SSTL with R-Com what would be the rank in terms of market share of the combined entity ?

Ans. It was 4th and it will remain 4th

Q5. Timothy Cruise had said ‘ if you swapped the senior editors of ____ with the board of ___nobody would be able to tell diff at either place”

Ans. Time and Citibank

Q6. With which Indian publication would you associate renowned editor Dr K N Raj ?

Ans. Economic and Political Weekly

Q7. Which major bottled water brand has admitted in US that what it sells is bottled tap water ?

Ans. Aquafina

Q8. Which Nobel prize winning economists are the author of the book Phishing for Phools ?

Ans. Akerlof and Shiller

Q9. By what name were the Kolkata based cake shop chain Mio Amore known earlier ?

Ans. Monginis

Q 10. What major revolution or brand started in Gujarat, India 60 years ago on the occasion of Sardar Patel’s birth anniversary 31st October ?

Ans. Amul

Q 11. What are Disney and Target doing new while marketing kids clothes and toys ?

Ans. Removed gender labels from toys and dresses

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 308

Q 1 What is a Pyramid scheme ?

Ans. A scheme where the products are sold to the distributors rather than the end consumers.

Q 2. Which country has for 10th year in a row got the top spot in the World Bank list of ease of Doing business list ?

Ans. Singapore

Q3, What is the name of the Realty TV Channel launched by Times Network ?

Ans. Magicbricks Now

Q4. Which cement brand was behind the controversial Durga Pandal at Deshapriyo park, Kolkata ?


Ans. Star Cement

Q5. In which business is SH Kelkar and Co, whose IPO is currently on, in ?

Ans. Fragrances

Q6. While working with which UK retailer did Gulam Noon acquired the name Curry King ?

Ans. Sainsbury’s

Q7. What does OYO in the online OYO rooms stand for ?

Ans. On Your Own

Q8. Engie is the new name for which French company ?

Ans. GDF Suez

Q9. Identify the duo behind IndiGo ?

Bhatia and Gangwal

Ans. Rahul Bhatia and Rakesh Gangwal

  • Compiled by G.Mohan @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 307

Q 1. Under what brand name will Reliance sell its 4G LTE mobile phones ?

Ans. LYF

Q2. With Pepsi pulling out who will be the title sponsor for IPL next year ?

Ans. Vivo

Q3. One of the reasons cited for the price increases in Tur dal is it has become a Superior good for Indians .What are superior goods ?

Ans. Commodities that are more in demand as consumer income rises.

Q4. With which co has Indian Railways signed an agreement to buy power at Rs 3.70 per unit as against much higher prices paid earlier ?

Ans. Adani Power

Q5. Which courier co. has launched a parcel locker service for customers who order items online and are not available to take delivery at home ?

Ans. Blue Dart

Q6. In start up jargon, arrange the following in ascending order of valuations from lowest to highest a) Unicorn b) Pony c) Centaur d) Decacorn

Ans. Pony < Centaur < Unicorn < Decacorn

Q7. In the start up world jargon, who or what is a ‘dragon’ ?

Ans. A dragon is a startup that is able to raise a 1 Bn $ in the first round of funding

Q8. Who is the author of the book Pandeymonium ?

Ans. Piyush Pandey on Advertising

Q9. Uber has launched a car pooling service called Uberpool. What is the competing service from Ola called ?

Ans. Olashare

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

Weekly Business Quiz # 306

Q 1. Which credit card network will launch a ‘Pay by Selfie’ method of authentication ?

Ans. Mastercard

Q 2. What fashion trend was set by the Aloha shirt in the 1960s which continues to this day ?

Ans. Friday dresssing – Business casual shirts

Q3. What unique credit does Rajendra Ambalal Shah a lawyer in Mumbai based Crawford Bailey and Co have in Corporate India ?

Ans.  He is an independent director in 10 companies many over 30 years.

Q4. On e-commerce many B2C sites mention how their GMV is growing to justify high valuations.What is GMV ?

Ans. Gross merchandise value

Q5. Microsoft launched a Windows 10 wearable device recently. What is it called ?

ms band

Ans. Band-2

Q6. What is the area of work for this year’s Economics Nobel winner Angus Deaton ?

Ans. Welfare Economics

Q7. Which company has Dell acquired for a whopping 67 Bn $ making it the biggest tech acquisition ?

Ans. EMC

Q8. IRCTC and Apollo have launched a medical train. Between which two cities will the experimental service begin first ?

Ans. Kolkata and Chennai. It will bring medical tourists from East and be stationed for 3 days and take them back.

Q9. Name the advertiser


Ans. Practo

Q 10. Coffee Day Enterprises whose IPO opens tomorrow owns 16 % stakes in a listed software company. Name the software company

Ans. Mindtree technologies

  • Compiled by G.Mohan @go_mohan

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